Sometimes some people wonder if they have lived before.  They may have been somewhere and they feel that it is somehow familiar.  Or they may meet someone and they feel an instant connection but they had never meet before.

For other people the interest to have a Past Life Regression is that they feel stuck in some way.  It could be that a pattern keeps repeating and they just cannot understand why and just feel or know it is right for them at that moment.

There are quite a few people these day that have heard of Edgar Cayce and believe that the challenges they are facing now are a direct result of choices that were made in a previous life.

Not everybody believes in re-incarnation and there is scientific evidence for and against.  This is something private and personal to each and every one of us and our individual beliefs should be respected.

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Your Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist Carol S Sheridan MAPHP, in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex can guide you into deep states of regression that allow you to access information that you may need to know that can help you in the “now”.


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