As with many sensations that the mind and body can feel, the sensation of anxiety comes in a range of intensity.

Your mind when it holds conflicting ideas or intentions such as: ‘I must get my work done’ and ‘I must rest and look after myself’, can create a state of stress or anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be created when we are pulled in different directions by our intentions or expectations.

When we feel an expectation to perform to deadlines and we are not meeting them. When we are expected to have energy and control, yet we are feeling tired and unable to concentrate. These types of situations can create internal stress.

Anxiety also comes in severe to mild sensations, the more extreme feeling of anxiety would be a panic attack but a mild version of it may be experienced as a sense of nervousness and unease.

Hypnotherapy can help you feel safe and secure in those situations which previously could cause you discomfort.  It may not be able to change the external stress but can at least change the internal stresses that you experience.

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Your Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Carol S Sheridan MAPHP, in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, has the skills to help you free yourself from those negative feelings so that you can become more and more relaxed about life and the challenges that you face.


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