Hypnotherapy takes place when someone is in a state of hypnosis.

In a state of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is able to assist the client to access the subconscious mind.

It is understood that for a normal healthy person the information held in the  subconscious mind is limitless. There is not time in the subconscious mind. We can experience all the same feelings we did when we were small. The subconscious mind does not judge.  It holds beliefs about the information it has received in the past.  It holds what we felt about experiences we had in the past and it tries to protect us and keep us safe.

The subconscious mind reflects who we believe we are and how we act and react to the life challenges because it holds a picture in our mind of who we are, what the world is like and how we interact with it.

Basically, in the simplest level, it is the programme that runs us.

When we are born, we can think of ourselves as a blank sheet.

We learn who and what we are from our personal experiences and what our parents, grandparents, siblings other family members and friends have told us and our interactions and experiences with them and the world at large.

The subconscious mind of a child may not question what it is told and can simply accepts all that is said for the first few years of life. At some point a picture of the world is made and we have something that we can the critical facility.  So someone says or does something,  and the critical facalty will check what information is already absorbed in the subconscious mind which is their “truth”.  If it seems reasonable it would accept the information or what was going on, but if it does not we would question that information or reject it.

Imagine at 3 years old you were told you were stupid.  You never questioned it.  Now move on 25 years, You may have passed loads of exams and you may have a degree and on the outside be very successful, but deep down you still believe you are stupid.

This is just one thing that Hypnotherapy can assist with.  We can help the grown up you realise the truth about you and that small shift of awareness can help you change the way you feel about yourself forever.

Hypnotherapy services

Carol offers the following services, from her base in Southend-on-Sea, in South Essex:

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